When it came time to consider re-financing our mortgage to ease our debt load, we thought it wasn’t possible.  We were thinking we didn’t make enough money, or have enough equity in our home to increase our mortgage .  But Andrew assured us there is hope, and that it could be done.  Through the whole process, Andrew was optimistic and positive about our situation.  Andrew facilitated an easy and quick re-financing process, and we ended up with extra funds that helped in our retirement planning. The next time we need mortgage advice, we’ll look to Andrew first!
Kim & Shawn


“There’s mortgage brokers, and then there’s Andrew Kempton. He doesn’t just try, he makes it happen in YOUR best interest by going the extra mile!! Thanks a million!!!”
S.C.- Victoria


I found my current condo listed online while I was overseas. Coming back a few days later I visited the property as soon as possible. It was exactly what I had been looking for. I wasn’t the only one interested and had to act quickly to pre approve a mortgage.
Aware of the situation, Andrew did everything he could to make it happen. Since it was my first property I didn’t know much of the process and Andrew took all necessary time to explain it to me.  He has always been honest with me, telling me all my options and the pros and cons of each decision. He made himself available any time of the day taking all necessary time. I’m glad I dealt with Andrew; I would do it again and I’m recommending him to everybody.

LS M. Canadian Forces


It was a privilege to work with Andrew Kempton.
His ability to pool resources and knowledge of product availability is outstanding.
Andrew’s professionalism and relationships with lending representatives is such an asset to any borrower and has left us with a fantastic outcome.
There are not enough words to thank him for all his hard work and very dedicated support.
I would recommend his services to anyone.
Let him work his magic for you!
Phil and Carla Vidal


“Andrew, I would like to thank you for your diligence in porting my mortgage over to the new lender. Although this process was new to you and some responses from the financial institutions were slower than you would like, you made sure you dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.You also made sure these delays did not cost me. Thanks again and I wish you the very best in this new endeavour. I know you will do well.”


“I was fortunate to meet Andrew at a Networkmarketing Event and decided to purchase another condo with his assistance. When I found a place I was interested in, I contacted him and we met to talk about possible financial options for buying another place. With his advice, I then decided to use the equity in my first property to leverage against my second. I was worried because I had no idea how it was going to happen and if I was going to have to do a lot of work. As it turns out, all I needed was some information from the bank and Andrew took care of the rest. We met a few times for a coffee to talk numbers and before I knew it, I owned another property and I had some extra money in the bank. I had no idea that buying another propery could be so effortless, but Andrew made it easy. Cheers,”

“I dealt with Andrew in order to lease a new car. I found him to be completely honest and felt that he was working in my interest alone. I have had much prior experience negotiating with fairly difficult financial people and banking institutions, especially as my credit has not always been ideal, but I hope to give Andrew my business again in the near future when my wife and I shop for our first home mortgage together”
Dan Kyle,
Comox, BC

I have known Andrew Kempton for quite some time, both personally and professionally. This was the first time that Andrew has been my Mortgage Broker, and for a lack of better terms worked for me and my family. I honestly want people to know that Andrew is very devoted, honest, and sincere with all his clients. He got me approved so I could purchase my first home. Because of him it went smoothly for my wife, 16 month old son, and I, even though he worked very hard after hours to get the approval through. He always had my best interests in mind, and he always told me the facts. Being a first time home owner I was very confused about the whole process, not knowing a lot Andrew always explained which step we were at, and always made sure that I knew what I had to do. He works for each client like you are his only client, and always has time to answer an email, or take a call from you, even though he has many other clients and deals on the go. There was never any beating around the bush; it was always straight and to the point. It is people with “A” type personalities like Andrew that makes me very confident in recommending him to anybody that wants satisfaction in a quick and very professional delivery. If it wasn’t for Andrew, we still wouldn’t be close in buying our first home. As every other home owner knows what their first time was like, I am glad that Andrew was there to make it possible for my family.
G.B. Canadian Forces

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