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I know how it feels to be a borrower, and sit on the other side of the table. With that in mind, Rob never loses the focus of what it feels like to enter 'the borrowing world' from your perspective.


With a solid background of many years in mortgage lending practices and previous real estate

experience, Rob is able to keep it simple for you while navigating the complexities of all the

various lender requirements, restrictions, rate variances and the ever changing rules on your



Walking in to a Big Bank gives you ONE option, however....using Rob as your independent

Mortgage Expert gives you many more lenders, choices and therefore more chances of a

successful approval and impartial advice to go along with it.


It's not just about's also about where you want to be in 5 years, what are your

continued job prospects, is there going to be children, what are your future needs? All of these

things come in to play when planning on HOW to borrow the money....not just qualify for it. I

can help you save thousands of dollars by planning correctly NOW at no additional cost.


Let's get together and make a plan so that you end up being as comfortable financing your

dream as I am in helping you get approved for it.


'Don't keep me a secret'


Mortgage Expert


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